Polytech magnetic separators have been designed to remove ferrous and non-ferrous solid contaminants from coolants and oils.

Magnetic separators can substantially reduce filter cartridge consumption and element changes when used in grinding, honing and lapping operations where filter cartridges are used. They can reduce the concentration of small fines left in the coolant by chip conveyors in broaching, milling and drilling operations that can settle in tanks and reduce machine tool life.


  • Creepfeed Grinding
  • Surface Grinding
  • Internal & Centerless Grinding
  • End Mill Grinding
  • Honing, Lapping, & Superfinishing
  • Broaching, Hobbing, Trepanning
  • Gear Hobbing
  • Boring, Drilling
  • Chucking, Milling
  • Turning, Lathes, Machining Centers

How it Works

The magnetic drum is made up of alternating permanent magnets and steel discs. The magnetic field is extended by the magnetized steel discs to maximize effectiveness without resorting to more costly high strength or rare earth magnets. A comb type scraper and adjustable discharge chute optimizes sludge removal.

Design and Customization

Speak to one of our engineers about your application's specific requirements.

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magnetic separators reduce filter cartridge consumption
This Model MSE 5.5-18 is rated up to 79 GPM on water based coolants and up to 40 GPM on light oils.


Model Flow Rate (GPM)
Flow Rate (GPM)
40 SSU Oil
MSE3 13 6 Download Drawing
MSE5 26 13 Download Drawing
MSE7 65 32 Download Drawing
MSE10 79 40 Download Drawing
MSE15 106 53 Download Drawing
MSE20 132 56 Download Drawing

* Higher flow rate available upon request

Download DrawingDownload all model drawings.