About Us

At Polytech Filtration Systems, Inc. we have built our success on meeting the challenges of our customer's varied machine tool coolant filtration needs in demanding industrial applications.

We are a business that has been providing custom filtration solutions for machining processes for over 25 years, with our roots dating back to 1967.

As a specialty manufacturer, we focus on creating custom solutions for your unique filtration needs.

Built For You

Each integrated system we sell is custom engineered to perform reliably in its intended environment. We use our 35 years of engineering application experience to design your system.

We offer a full range of filtration equipment to meet the requirements of your machining process; from simple dragout conveyors to submicron coolant polishing, we carefully review the requirements of each application to develop an individualized, appropriate filtration solution based on proven designs that work in your plant. All of the above and more factors ensure your product meets your standards.

In offering a full range of products, designed and produced to your requirements, we are committed to providing filtration systems that work in your plant, not selling some off the shelf system sitting in inventory.

Our commitment to providing effective filtration means we will only offer equipment that we are confident will meet your requirements.

Your Filtration Solution

We understand that today's manufacturing environment requires rigorous quality control. The last thing you need is filtration equipment that introduces additional variables into your manufacturing process. Therefore our primary objective is to provide consistent, reliable and economical filter system performance.

We view filtration as an integral part of the manufacturing process. With each system we consider:

  • Pump Station Design
  • Process Cooling Requirements
  • Coolant Chemistry
  • Performance Monitors and Alarms
  • Machine Tool Control System Integration
  • Material Handling and Disposal Issues

and more to ensure your product meets your needs.

Our work cell manufacturing approach ensures quality fabrication and assembly with the same cross functional personnel working on your equipment from weldment to testing. Whether you need a single unit of half a dozen, Polytech has the flexibility to perform.

Polytech Automatic Vacuum Filters use the suction characteristics of the system pump to create a low pressure zone beneath the filter media. Higher atmospheric pressure forces the liquid through the non-woven disposable media providing better filtration than gravity type filters and simpler construction and operation than sealed pressure type filters.
This hybrid system incorporates a magnetic separator to remove ferrous grinding swarf, multiple hydrocyclones to remove heavy granular swarf and cartridge filters to remove smaller contaminants. Each element contributes a unique capability to the system.