Our dragout conveyor filtration systems offer:

  • Reliable, economical removal of contaminants which settle out rapidly without using filter media.
  • Reduced maintenance associated with settling tanks.
  • Double dragouts with extend dwell time for enhanced settling.
  • Effective means of de-aerating and pre-filtering grinding oils.


  • Surface Grinding. Rough: 63 rms & Above
  • Surface Grinding. Medium: 32 - 16 rms
  • Cutoff Saws
  • Glass & Ceramics
  • Broaching, Hobbing, Trepanning
  • Gear Hobbing
  • Boring, Drilling
  • Chucking, Milling
  • Turning, Lathes, Machining Centers

Design and Customization

We have a variety of sizes and capacities to suit most applications. Speak to one of our engineers about your application's specific requirements.

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Environmentally Conscious?
Polytech Filtration offers “Green Filtration” solutions to fit your application needs! Our Whirlstream® Hydrocyclone, Conveyor Dragout, & Centrifuge systems provide a low energy, yet effective filtration process.