Our Polyclon® Whirlstream® Hydrocyclones offer:

  • Centrifugal separation of heavy granular solids
  • Flow rates of 20 GPM to over 1000 GPM
  • High separation efficiency
  • No filter media consumption
  • Available with dragout conveyors for heavy swarf removal


  • Creepfeed Grinding
  • Surface Grinding. Medium: 32 - 16 rms
  • Internal & Centerless Grinding
  • Abrasive Belt Grinding
  • Cutoff Saws

How it Works

Contaminated liquid enters the hydrocyclone at high velocity through the inlet opening. From there the liquid flows into the whirl chamber. As the liquid swirls downward in the conical separation chamber, its velocity increases.

Solid contaminants are thrown against the walls, forced to the bottom, and discharged through a nozzle. As the whirling cleaned liquid approaches the bottom, it is unable to exit the restricted discharge nozzle. It then reverses direction, forms an inner vortex and seeks the clean liquid outlet.


We will ensure that our hydrocyclones offer the proper filtration needed for your process. Speak to one of our engineers about your application's specific filtration needs.

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envrionmentally-friendly-filtration-solutionsEnvironmentally Conscious?
Polytech Filtration offers “Green Filtration” solutions to fit your application needs! Our Whirlstream® Hydrocyclone, Conveyor Dragout, & Centrifuge systems provide a low energy, yet effective filtration process.

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