Available Options

We offer a full range of accessories and options to fully outfit a filter system to meet its application requirements. Our filtration system accessories include:

  • Chillers
  • Tramp Oil Skimmers
  • Plate Coalescers
  • Sump Stations
  • Sump Cleaners
  • Electrical Controls
  • PC & PLC Controls
  • Self Dumping Swarf Hoppers
  • Neck Extensions for Pit Mounting
  • Standby Pumps
  • High/Low Coolant Alarms
  • Make Up Coolant Meters
  • Media Rewinders

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Chillers maintain desired process temperatures.

Media Rewinders separate roll media from swarf to facilitate disposal.
Sump Stations are frequently required for machines with low coolant discharge heights.

Extended Conveyor Necks for pit mouned filter systems ship as separate units to ease handling.