Polytech can provide many of our filter technologies in a portable filter. Portable filters to service multiple sumps can include:

  • Bag filters for chips and swarf where the volume of the bag can be utilized.
  • Cartridge filters for fine filtration with lots of filter surface.
  • Small automatic vacuum filters for single machines or multiple machine sumps.
  • Stacked disc filters for very fine filtration.
  • Bag type prefilter with cartridge filter for an in line pump system. The bag keeps chips out of the pump and the cartridge filters scale, fines and abrasives.
  • Air powered diaphragm pumps.
  • Self priming centrifugal pumps.
  • Inline filtration and pumps for through the tool coolant.

Design and Customization

Contact us to discuss your portable filter requirements and we can configure a system to meet your particular needs.

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portable stacked filters
Portable Stacked Disc Filter with Self-Priming Pump
portable bag filter
Portable bag filter